OFFICE 9 is a Brussels based practice for architecture.

OFFICE 9 is a young  team of architects operating in Belgium and abroad. Our service involves a variety of tasks including architecture, urban planning, concept development and design work.

OFFICE 9 combines research and clear thinking to evolve to a straightforward and spatial end result. Within our tasks we approach each project and client as unique, allowing us to come up with new questions and answers. Our aim is to contribute to the built environment with direct solutions concerning spatial, social, cultural and environmental issues.

OFFICE 9 are Johan Cool, Lotte Mattelaer, Joris De Greef and David Ampe. They all gained experience in belgium and abroad, working with renowned offices BIG and XDGA.

OFFICE 9 collaborates with KobeArchitecture, MILKANDCOOKIES, RESERVOIR-A, MARCEL, UTIL struktuurstudies, LandinZicht, OYO, KOMBINATIE.